All-in-One Lotion Bar (Organic)


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Who likes coconut and chocolate ?!

What if we told you there is a lotion bar that smells and feels so yummy, and it is so pure you could almost eat it?!

We can’t contain our excitement to share our new I&W Lotion Bar in a few days!

We’ve been testing it for the past 6 months, with incredible results. Here is what Sim Carter said about our lotion bar:

“The lotion bar is by far the best moisturizer I’ve ever used . The smell is so delicious, the skin feels absolutely amazing afterwards and I love how it is so pure with no nastiness on it at all. I 100% recommend it . You wont use anything else after you try it ! ”

Ingredients: organic cacao butter, organic cupuaçu butter, organic coconut oil, vitamin E.

* Our lotion bar is a complete and versatile product. It can be used all over your skin, lips and hair! Also great as an after shave. Just gently rub on your hands, and it will smootly melt so it can be easily applied.

* Please keep it away from the sun and heat, as it will melt! Our lotion bar does not contain any wax to keep it hard. During the Summer months it may be better to keep it in the fridge.

* We want to encourage our customers to re-use the containers, and produce less waste. As a return customer, please contact me for a discount code, and I will send you a refill in one of our Better Packaging sachets. Refill: $9.99

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